Faro Focus M70 Laser Scanner 3D

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FARO Focus M70 3D Laser Scanner

The ultra-portable Focus M 70 enables fast, straight-forward and accurate measurements of construction sites, small-scale facades, complex structures, production and supply facilities and crash and crime scenes.
The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for architecture and construction, forensics and accident reconstruction or industrial manufacturing

- Distance accuracy up to ±3mm
- Range from 0.6m up to 70m
- IP Class 54
- Rescanning of distant targets in higher resolution
- Digital hashing function
- Retake Photo Option
- HD photo overlay up to 165 megapixel color
- Extended Temperature Range
- Best Value for Money.

Package Includes:
Focus M 70 Laser Scanner with HDR photography, GPS, Compass, Altimeter (Barometer), Dual-axis Compensator, WLAN, IP rating 54
Battery Power Block
Battery Power Dock
90W Power Supply
Optic Cleaning Fluid
Optic Cleaning Tissues
32GB SD Card
SD Card Reader
SD Card Cover
Allen Wrench
Rugged Transport Case
Calibration Certificate
Quick Start Guide.
Scene Licence.

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