US Radar Q5C 500 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar

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US Radar Q5C 500 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar
Simply put, the Q5 is a workhorse when it comes to locating buried utilities. Its easy-to-use interface can also be expanded and configured for other applications as needed. not only is this system incredibly versatile, but it is the most powerful ground penetrating radar for locating utilities up to 15' (5m) deep at high resolution.

The Q5 is more than just a utility locator. It's also a data collection platform that allows you to visually document your findings to share later with others on your utility installation and maintenance teams. You can use the easy-to-learn interface to create a deliverable dataset that ensures all workers are on the same page when completing the job. This results in a safer, more efficient work environment where everyone is working with more confidence.

Featured Hardware Technologies:
- SmartGain 2
- Folding Rough Terrain Cart
- Self-Calibrating

Featured Software Technologies:
- SmartStack
- StreetSmart Real-Time Processing
- Auto Config
- Depth Calibration

Utility Locating,
- Non-metallic pipes
- Metallic pipes
- Fiber optics
- Water boxes
- Missing valves
- Conduit
- Buried Drums
- Tanks
- Voids
- Landfill limits
Law Enforcement,
- Forensic Investigation
- Illegal Connections
- Artifacts
- Graves