Leica BLK360 Imaging 3D Scanner

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Leica BLK360 Lasers Scanners 3D Imaging
1 x Leica BLK360 Colour 360º Imaging Laser 3D Panoramic Scanner Survey Equipment Mission Kit 6011839
1 x BLK360 Mission bag 853640 The Mission bag has convenient segments for the BLK360 and accessories
2 x GEB212 Lithium-Ion Battery 772806
2 x GKL312 Battery Charger 852413
1 x Car charger Lead 738242
1 x BLK360 Tripod 853638, includes the quick release adapter.
Choice of 4 different software bundles.
Range up to 197 feet.
Accuracy 4mm at 10m / 7mm at 20m.
Horizontal field of view: 360°.
Vertical field of view: 300°.
360,000 laser scan points per second.
Single button control operation.
Uses 3 HDR cameras.
Utilizes AutoDesk ReCap Pro app.
Scans in under 2 minutes.
Instant data availability.
3D modeler obtained in under 30 minutes.
2-in-1 360° image documentation and laser scan data.
Bluetooth wireless data transfer.
Anodized aluminum construction.
Sleek matte black finish.
Height: 165 mm / Diameter: 100 mm.
Weighs 2.2 lbs.
Fits in a messenger bag.
Minimalistic aesthetic.
Gold-coated polished titanium camera mirror.

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