Leica Wild T2 Theodolite 360 Deg with DI 1001 EDM

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  • The pinnacle of "Old World" crafsmanship; made in Switzerland
  • Superb optics with 30x telescope
  • Erect image
  • Graduated in degrees
  • Vertical and horizontal angles read directly to 1" via internal micrometer
  • Simultaneous reading of opposite sides of circle eliminate need for face right and face left observations to correct for circle eccentricity.
  • Vertical angle compensation for quick and reliable reading
  • All-metal chassis
  • Removeable tribrach
  • Never needs batteries
  • Suitable for all high-accuracy surveying, and entry-level optical tooling applicatons


Package includes the following: 

  • Wild Heerbrugg Theodolite T2
  • Tribrach
  • plugin lamp
  • rain cover.
  • Case.