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Leica NA2


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The NA2 universal automatic level meets all requirements regarding 

precision, convenience and reliability. It was designed by surveyors and development engineers with years of experience and who know what a field instrument has to be able to do.The NA2 soon pays for itself, because it can be used for all types of surveying job; on building sites for routine levelling, in engineering projects, and for geodetic control at all levels of accuracy. 



  • Levelling of all types and all orders of accuracy 
  • Precise levelling and settlement determinations on buildings 
  • Routine heighting for the construction of roads,railways, pipelines, tunnels and so forth 
  • Setting-out work and control measurements on the construction site 
  • Area levelling of high accuracy 
  • Tacheometric levelling with the K-version on flat terrain by combining 
  • stadia and angular measurements with height readings 
  • Deformation measurement and monitoring of bridge