Leica DNA03 Digital Level Surveying

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  • The Leica DNA03 is Leica's mid-grade digital level. 
  • The DNA 03 achieves height measurements with 0.3 mm standard deviation per km double-run levelling using an invar staff, or 1.5mm using a standard fiberglass staff. 
  • The generous LC-display presents all important measured data at a glance and shows the next step to take. 
  • Double your data safety: from now on, save your work automatically in the internal memory and additionally, after the measurements have been taken, on a PCMCIA card. 
  • The alphanumeric keyboard and the operating concept provide the highest levels of efficiency at work, optimum comfort and rapid familiarization. 
  • Save up to 50% in time with Leica digital levels. 
  • Measuring without mistakes or fatigue. 
  • The Leica Geo Office Tools is a program included in the delivery. It controls data exchange, the configuration of the instrument, creates code lists and stake out height lists and maintains the system software. 

Package includes the following: 

  • (1) 723289 DNA03, 0.3mm, precision digital level.
  • (1) 734753 GKL112, Charger BASIC.
  • (1) 667318 Plug-in Camcorder battery GEB111.
  • (1) 726203 User Manual DNA03/10.