Leica GPS 900 System (Base & Rover)


Leica ATX900 GG Antenna: Outstanding satellite tracking characteristics. 
The Leica ATX900 GG is a 72 Channel GNSS antenna with outstanding satellite tracking characteristics even to low satellites and adverse conditions. Comparable with both the Leica RX900 and RX900c the ATX900 GG provides fast acquisition and low noise increasing the overall performance of GPS900 particularly in demanding situations. 
The Leica GPS900 can be used in a large variety of operating modes, providing you with a complete surveying system. Requiring only the GS09 SmartAntenna and CS09 Controller, combined with appropriate accessories, many different operating choices are available. 

SmartWorx Controller 
The SmartWorx field software is based on the proven and familiar concept of the Leica System 1200. Made even easier to use with icon-based menus, ensures instant productivity. 

RTK Rover 
The extremely light-weight and cable free rover is comfortable to use for the entire day. Built exceptionally rugged, the rover withstands rough use and topple overs. 

Base Station 
The easily setup RTK base station requires only the GPS900 SmartAntenna, a radio modem and battery. By connecting the CS09 Controller, raw satellite data can be logged. 

Package includes the following: 
(2) 759161 2009 Leica ATX900 , -GPS only- Antenna for GPS 900 
(1) 748414 RX900 GPS Controller 
(1) 733270 Leica GEB221 Li-ION Batteries 
(3) 772806 Leica GEB212 Li-ION Batteries 
(1) 667308 Leica GDF112 Tribrach with Optical Plummet 
(1) 667216 Leica GRT146 Tribrach Adapter 
(2) 636959 Leica 2.8 m Antenna Cable 
(1) 667244 Leica GZS4-1 Height Hook 
(2) 733280 Leica GVP623 hard container.
(1) SAN32MB 32MB CF card.
(1) 733264 GHT56 holder for GS09 and GFU.
(1) 767880 GHT63 Clamp Arrangement for attaching the GHT56 to pole.
(2) 767859 GFU14-1 Satelline 3AS RX/TX Radio GFU housing.
(2) 667243 Leica GAT2 Antenna.
(1) 733271 GKL221Pro Battery Charger.
(2) 733323 GDI221 Charging Tray adapter for GKL221.
(1) 727367 GEB171 External Battery.

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