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Leica Smart Rover ATX1230 with RX1250X


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  • At only 6.2 lbs, the incredibly lightweight SmartRover is the ultimate real-time, field-based GNSS survey system for fast, accurate data gathering 
  • Achieves 1.0 cm accuracy using RTK radio modems (not included) and 0.3cm acuracy using post-processed data 
  • SmartTrack+ GNSS measurement engine with SmartCheck for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to-noise ratios, jamming resistant, multipath mitigation and low latency 
  • 2007- RX1250X (GPS only) WinCE system 1200 Controller, current Firmware V8.50 
  • 2009- ATX1230 GG, GPS/GLONASS SmartAntenna, current ME Firmware V3.054 


Package includes the following: 

  • (1) Leica 747957 ATX1230 GG GPS/GLONASS SmartAntenna, manufactured in 2009 
  • (1) Leica 745501 RX1250X (GPS only) WinCE System 1200 Controller, (2007) 
  • (1) Leica 733270 GEB221 Leica Li-ION on Board battery, 7.4V 3800mAh 
  • (1) Leica 733264 Leica GHT39 Holder for RX1230 on pole 
  • (1) Leica 742007 Leica GHT52 clamp for GHT39 to pole 
  • (2) Leica 733269 GEB211Leica Li-ION on board battery 2Ah 
  • (1) Leica 667220 Leica GAT2 GainFlex Antenna 
  • (1) Leica 734752 GKL211 Basic Charger for Li-ION battery 
  • (1) SEC5125-20-FLY SECO Snap-Lock Aluminum Rover Pole Brand New!