Trimble Spectra Precision LL300 Laser Level

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Rugged enough for tough job-site use, the Spectra Precision Laser LL300 Level delivers automatic self-leveling performance to help you get work done quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Bundled with the CR600 Receiver, the LL300 is a perfect choice for tackling elevation-control applications and handling concrete and other general construction jobs.

LL300 Applications

  • General leveling applications where high durability and range are important.
  • Leveling for the foundation excavation, leveling of forms and footers.
  • Site preparation & excavating contractors.
  • Footing and foundation depth, controlling sub grade and sub-base elevations, matching driveways and entryways, septic and fuel tank depths.

Features & Benefits

  • Full weather and dust proof design
  • Fully automatic self-leveling
  • Multiple power options include rechargeable batteries, Alkaline, or power directly from the charger
  • Water & dust proof.
  • No tool battery door removal

Package includes the following: 

  • Trimble Spectra Precision LL300 Level
  • 2 Spectra HL450 Receivers
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Charger
  • Manuals