Spectra UL633-14 Universal Laser Kit Dual Slope

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Key Features: 

  • Total Control of X/Y Axes 
  • Unlimited Automatic Dual Axis Features 
  • All functions flexible from 10 to 170 degrees 
  • Horizontal Angle Measurement capability 
  • Total Control of Z Axis 
  • Automatic and manual detection of plumb beam 
  • Complete cross axis compensation 


User Benefits: 

  • Versatility to fit any construction application 
  • Quickly adapts to site requirements 
  • Simplifies 90‹ layout applications 
  • Reduces time to do slope work and pipe installation 


Package includes the following:

  • UL633 Laser 
  • RC603 Remote Control 
  • HL750 Laserometer Receiver 
  • SPY956 laser target (not pictured) 
  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • SF601 SpotFinder