Trimble Nomad 800XE GPS Equipment

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Key features of the Trimble Nomad 800XE:

  • High-performance all-in-one integrated GPS device
  • 6 GB built-in storage as standard
  • Ultra-rugged form factor
  • Integrated cellular modem option
  • Integrated digital camera and barcode scanner options
  • Comes with a range of GIS field software solutions

Trimble Nomad XE series rugged handheld computers are equipped with an integrated WAAS capable GPS receiver that delivers reliable 2 to 5 meter accuracy in low multipath environments. Designed for productive data collection in difficult GPS conditions, such as under forest canopy or near tall buildings, the Trimble Nomad 800XE is ideally suited to applications, such as forestry mapping or natural resource management, where accuracy may be less important but high productivity is essential.


Package includes the following: 

  • Surplus Trimble TDS Nomad 800XE
  • Power boot battery module 
  • International AC charger adaptor
  • USB data cable 
  • Hand strap.
  • User manual.
  • Screen protector's.
  • Touchscreen stylus in original boxes.