Leica Sprinter 50M Levels Surveying

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Reliable, always reads the staff correctly – LEICA SPRINTER is a reliable and accurate electronic level that provides error free measurements. Optical reading is no longer.

needed. Just let the electronic eye do it! The LEICA SPRINTER bar code automatically determines height and distance. There will be no more misreading and interpretation errors in reading the staff.

One button operation – LEICA SPRINTER is as easy to use as a conventional level with the incredible functionality of an electronic level. You don’t even need a manual to get it started. You aim and focus, measure with one key press and the data is displayed almost instantly. The LEICA SPRINTER saves training costs. You will have the shortest possible learning curve.


Package includes the following:

  • Sprinter 50 (DECIMAL FEET display/measurements) Electronic Level, 2.0mm accuracy
  • GSB5 Sunshade for Level
  • NiMH batteries and Charger
  • GSS111-1 Dual face telescopic leveling staf,16.4ft 4 section, Sprinter barcode (Imperial) (metric available upon request)
  • User manual
  • Carrying Case