Leica Geosystem Piper 200 Laser

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Leica Piper 200 Laser with Remote The World's Most Versatile Pipe Laser!

The Leica Piper series of pipe lasers are perfect for: storm and sanitary sewer construction, gravity flow pipe line and anywhere grade and line are required with a single beam. Choose from the Piper 100 or the Piper 200 with Alignmaster.

Powerful and compact, the Leica Piper is the only pipe laser that fits inside a 100 mm (four inch) pipe.

Leica Piper-Solid performance-in the pipe,over the top,or in the manhole


Work with confidence with the Leica Piper series of Pipe lasers from Leica Geosystems!

  • In the Pipe Self-centering,rubber tipped feet ensure the piper stays working.Rock solid construction with cast aluminum housing for the tough-est jobsite conditions.
  • Over the top Optional scope and mount kit for above the ground setups.Versatile,yet simple to operate and user friendly.
  • In the manhole Its unique design and wide stable base make the piper easy to set up even in the smallest invert.The Piper is 100% waterproof with a positive pressure nitrogen seal.
  • Personalize your Piper  Your name and address can be programmed to display on power-up.
  • Wide self-leveling capability over full grade range.No need to tip the laser for steep slopes.Inside or outside the pipe,the Piper levels to the grade you need.
  • Heavy duty trivet with easy grip handle,heavy base and clear markings on the pole to adjust and set the height.
  • Multi-function remote works up to 150 m (500 ft) for line control and other features.


Included in Package:

  • PIPER 200 Laser with Carrying Case
  • GKL211, Charger LiIon+User Manual V1.0.0
  • GEB221, Battery, internal, 4Ah, Li-Ion
  • IR Remote Control for PIPER
  • Target Assy w/small insert 300mm, red
  • User Manual Piper 100/200 V1.0,english