FARO Freestyle 2 Mobile 3D Laser Scanner

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FARO Freestyle Handheld 3D Scanner
YOM : 2015
Condition : Used
- Faro Scene Software license
- Micro SD Card
- USB Card Reader
- Handle
- Calibration Board.
- Cleaning Kit and Case.

Xtra accuracy: The verifiable accuracy of 1mm enables you to carry out highly challenging scanning projects.
Optional on-site calibration: The device can be easily calibrated on-site ensuring high quality data. A PDF report with key data permits maximum and verifiable confidence in the acquired data.
Automatic flash: The new auto mode automatically activates and de-activates the built-in LED light depending on the existing light conditions.
Real-time point cloud visualization: The real-time point cloud visualization supports the intuitive data acquisition, even for untrained operators.
Up to 8m³ scanning volume: The extensive scan volume boosts productivity by reducing scan time.
Best point filter: The new best point filter minimizes the noise and allows to get optimum data quality.

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