USED Trimble X7 3D Lasers Scanner

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Sale Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner
The Trimble X7 is a compact, lightweight 3D laser scanner produced by Trimble, a manufacturer based in United States.
The X7 laser 3D scanner is equipped with a dual vertical deflection drive system designed by integrating a survey-grade servo drive with a high-speed scanning mirror. Its protected center unit also features internal tilt sensors for automatic self-leveling and three integrated cameras for fast image capture.
This terrestrial scanner comes with the Trimble Perspective field software to provide comprehensive workflows, automatic in-field registration, and complete project visibility to validate data in the field.

- ST10 Tablet Gitzo TX8 TX6

Pre and Post Construction As-Builting  
Comparing design intent to as-built conditions
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
QA/QC Verification
Location dispute verification
Document handover
Progress Verification
Floor Flatness verification
Structural Steel Verification / Modeling
Light topographical measurements

Key Features:
One-person operation
Ultra Fast – True Million Points a Second scanner
More than double your scan time vs comparable scanners
Long Range Scanning 330 meters.
Very Clean Data / Low Noise
SD Data storage
Easy-to-follow user interface
Reduced labor costs vs typical architectural survey
Shortens learning curve and faster operation
Catch errors before they are an issue